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Statistiek voor beginners

In Algemeen, door wiskundemeisjes

Jonathan Parrington, een Britse wiskundige, vertelt op zijn homepage hoe schandelijk makkelijk het kan zijn om een artikel te publiceren.

A friend of a friend, who is a probabilist, made a bet that he could write a publishable paper in Statistics within 24 hours.

He did this as follows: first of all he went to his filing cabinet and found some unfinished work on probability distributions which he'd given up because he couldn't prove anything. He then invented a 'cover story' involving sheep and fruit trees, and wrote a statistical paper on the subject, including the results he couldn't prove together with 'heuristic' arguments, i.e., hand-waving. He then sent it to a well-known journal which shall remain nameless but for the sake of argument we'll call Biometrika.

Some time after he received an acceptance letter for his content-free paper, with a comment from the editor that he hoped the author would revise the paper to make it less theoretical. So he had won his bet.

Er staan nog veel meer amusante verhalen op de persoonlijke site van Parrington (schrik alleen niet van de jaren tachtig achtergrondkleur)!