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Wie kust wie?

In Grapjes,Puzzels, door Ionica

Camiel stuurde ons een grappige logica-puzzel, gemaakt door Shaun Spalding. Het is een parodie op de Amerikaanse Law School Admission Test (LSAT voor vrienden).


A concerned father drops three boys (Peter, Dom, and Björn), three girls (Henrietta, Elaine, and Meghan), and his daughter (Lorelei) off at the local mall’s theater. He wants to know which one of the boys will be making out with his daughter during the movie. He knows that each of the eighth-graders will make out at least once but not more than twice before the movie ends. He also knows that the following conditions must apply:

Elaine will not make out with Björn until she’s made out with Peter (because she and Björn are in an open relationship and she’s testing the waters).
Henrietta will not make out with Peter or Dom (because she only dates older guys).
If Lorelei makes out with both Henrietta and Elaine, then Peter and Björn will make out. (They made a bet.)
Meghan will always make out last (because she’s ugly).
Dom will always be paired with Meghan (because he’s desperate).


1. If Lorelei goes to get popcorn and is forced to sit between Dom and Meghan during the previews, which of the following must be true?

(a) Peter makes out with Elaine.
(b) Björn makes out with Elaine.
(c) Henrietta talks to Dom awkwardly about world-geography class to avoid his advances.
(d) Lorelei is unable to take the sexual tension between Dom and Meghan and pretends she needs to go to the bathroom so she can switch seats.
(e) Lorelei’s father is worried his daughter is growing up too fast.

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