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Oratie Mai Gehrke

In Nieuws,Quotes, door Ionica

Gisteren was ik in Nijmegen bij de oratie van Mai Gehrke. Ze sprak natuurlijk over dualiteit, maar ook over wat wiskunde gemeen heeft met kunst - en vooral wat niet. Hoe kunst bijvoorbeeld universele gevoelens op een persoonlijke en intuïtieve manier verbeeldt, terwijl...

[...] Mathematics chooses the opposite path, opting for a language far removed from the complexities of everyday in order to allow a language with complete precision. This has its definite drawbacks for communication: it limits what you can say and especially who you can say it to, but it also has some advantages for communication: Among mathematicians, the content and nature of a piece of mathematics can be very precisely communicated. As an 18 years old female student of mathematics, I had the experience of stopping by the office of a much older male colleague of my adviser coming from a culture I have little understanding of while on summer holiday, and, within minutes, we could share deep and intricate aspects of a theorem and the beauty of its proof.

De complete tekst van de oratie is te downloaden op de homepage van Mai (pdf). De wiskundemeisjes feliciteren Mai van harte met haar aanstelling!