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Group Theory in the Bedroom

In Leestip, door Jeanine

Ionica en ik hebben pas een recensie geschreven van het boek "Group Theory in the Bedroom", van Brian Hayes, voor The Mathematical Intelligencer (in het Engels, dus). Zo beginnen we:

When we first heard about Group Theory in the Bedroom, we became very enthusiastic. We were reminded of Mathematics and Sex by Clio Cresswell. We enjoyed that book a few years ago, but it contained too little mathematics to our taste (and surprisingly little about sex, for that matter). The title of Hayes’s book sounded very promising: More serious mathematics in the bedroom! However, this bedroom does not appear until the final chapter of the book, which deals with mattress flipping. And in that chapter, the author soon turns to group theory in the garage. We understand why the author chose this eye-catching title, even though it does not really cover the contents.

Lees nu hier het hele stuk!